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Producer / DJ / Artist

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With a background in songwriting, recording arts, and her experience as a sound engineer (2x Grammy Award winner), Drea Young, who goes by the stage name da_BooBoo, got her start in DJing at Toasted Walnut Bar and Kitchen in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which she opened as a bartender with colleague Denise Cohen. After first performing in 2017, she got hooked on producing and creating remixes / songs, enjoying the ability to play off of the emotions of a crowd and to control the energy of a room through music. With her experience and expertise growing continually, da_BooBoo would DJ every Saturday at Toasted Walnut Bar & Kitchen, where she got her start, as well as at venues across South Philly and Atlantic City. da_BooBoo began performing shows and throwing her own parties outside of the club and bar circuit, and then COVID-19 hit. Currently she can be found across Instagram, Mixcloud, Twitter, SoundCloud, and Snapchat under the handle @da_BooBoo2, and on Facebook at @dabooboo2.

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